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IT Experts Podcast with Ian Luckett

Feb 2, 2024

Whether it's the struggle to find quality candidates or the uncertainty of what roles to fill, recruitment can indeed be a daunting task. But in this discussion with Jane Matthews, we explored the transformative power of a cultural fit in your MSP and how it can make a significant difference in your employee engagement and team-building efforts. 

We started our conversation by addressing the state of recruitment in the post-COVID world. Jane highlighted that we've transitioned from an employee-driven market to an employer-driven market and are now settling into a hybrid model. However, she emphasized the importance of accommodating different generations in the workforce, understanding their unique needs and expectations, especially in a hybrid working environment. 


One key takeaway from our discussion was the significance of defining and maintaining a strong company culture. Culture goes beyond just a set of values; it encompasses how your team behaves, communicates, and approaches problem-solving. Jane made a compelling point that values should align with not only the business owner's beliefs but also with the expectations of clients and the team. Culture isn't just something you create; it should also evolve naturally within your organization. 


Janecoined the term "behaviour stack" to help MSPs distinguish between technical skills (tech stack) and behavioural traits. By focusing on the behaviour stack, you can identify what traits make your best team members stand out. Do they excel in communication, teamwork, or going the extra mile? By pinpointing these behavioural traits, you can ensure that new recruits fit seamlessly into your team's culture. 


Creating a positive culture involves more than just declaring an open-door policy. It requires consistent effort, engagement, and genuine interest in your team's well-being. Jane emphasized that business owners should actively seek feedback, ask about personal lives, and show that they have time for their team members. It's all about building trust and creating a comfortable environment where everyone feels valued and heard. 


We also explored the concept of nurturing and growing talent from within your organization. Jane pointed out that many employees leave their jobs because they feel stuck or don't see opportunities for growth. Regular one-to-one meetings between managers and team members can help identify their strengths and interests, ultimately leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce. 


In conclusion, Jane shared three essential tips for MSPs looking to strengthen their recruitment and team-building efforts in 2024: 


  1. Understand Your Team's Behaviour Stack: Take the time to identify the behavioural traits that make your best team members stand out. This will help you find candidates who are not only skilled but also culturally aligned with your organization. 

  1. Embrace Consistent One-to-One Meetings: Regular one-to-one meetings with your team members are crucial for building trust, understanding their needs, and uncovering opportunities for growth and development. 

  1. Play to Your Team's Superpowers: Recognize and leverage the unique strengths and talents of your team members. Encourage them to pursue personal development and align their superpowers with your business goals. 


Remember, building the right team with the right cultural fit can be a game-changer for your MSP. It's all about fostering a positive, engaging work environment that empowers your team to excel and drive your business forward. 


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